Roxane Mbanga
10 augustus 2022

Workshop | Play it safe (or not) met Roxane Mbanga

Performance workshop

Waar sta jij voor? Waar sta jij tegen op? In de tentoonstelling Onze koloniale erfenis kun je zien dat creatief verzet helpt. Dat kun jij ook! Meld je aan en volg de kunstenaarsworkshop van Roxane Mbanga voor inspiratie.

Workshop in English Sunday 7 Aug and Wednesday 10 Aug 2 pm – 4 pm Max. 10 participants – 18+

Play it safe (or not) is the performance workshop of Roxane Mbanga you can join.

Play It Safe is an award winning short film by Mitch Kalisa. In this film you see an ingeniously tense interrogation of unconscious racism in seemingly liberal spaces. During the performance workshop participants will be helped to take their place; to know where they speak and experience the world from; to recognize the need to be an actor when confronted with injustices, however small they may seem. Roxane Mbanga helps you to question how to be an actor, between active listening, empathy and denunciation in public.

About Roxane Mbanga Roxane Mbanga (b.1996, Paris) is a Guadeloupian-Cameroonian-French multidisciplinary artist, currently based in Amsterdam. Working at the junction of fashion, film, graphic design, photography, writing, and performance, Mbanga is a storyteller. Through her installations, she highlights the perception of the self. Naked, covered with facial jewelries, embodied by objects, in movement on the crowded streets of Lagos, dressed to reveal the strength or staying still in the silence of oppression, the body speaks. Between invisibilization and hypervisibilization, she questions the place of black women in public spaces and offers the audience tools for reflection on this matter.