Kruik in vorm van uil Inventarisnummer : RV-1403-1549

Religious gifts

Lots of religious people give presents to their gods, to ask them for help, or maybe to thank them. Giving a present can also help make sure they have a good afterlife.   

Offerings and ancestor worship

Many people who are religious believe it is important to give to others because it is the right thing to do, or because they feel they should.

Some religions recommend that you share with others. I

n lots of places in the world people believe that their relatives continue living in the afterlife after death, and that by honouring them you continue to care for them.

You can also ask your ancestors for help by giving them gifts and offerings like food and flowers. These might be placed on a shelf on the wall of your home, or on a more elaborate altar. This ensures your ancestors will take care of you. 

Kruik in vorm van uil Inventarisnummer : RV-1403-1549
Jug in the form of an owl Inventory number: RV-1403-