Crazy about mangoes

People give different presents to a person they work for than a person who works for them. And what if you really have to give a present? Sometimes you might give presents because you think you will get something nice back, something that may even be better than what you gave.

You give a different gift to someone you work for than to someone who works for you. And what happens if you have to gift something? Sometimes you give gifts because you think that you will get something nice in return, even something better than what you gave.  

A good example of this is Mao's mangoes. In 1968, Mao Zedong, the founder and totalitarian leader of Communist China, received some mangoes from Pakistan. He did not eat them but gave them as gifts to groups of exemplary workers. Hardly anyone in China had ever seen a mango before. And everyone in those days had to glorify Mao as some kind of god. So if you received a mango from him, you had to be happy. The Chinese government made propaganda, a kind of advertisement, for how great Mao was. His gift of mangoes was a perfect story to show how good he was to his people. As the fruit became a symbol of Mao himself, China became fond of mangoes. People held parades with mangoes and the fruit was depicted on all sorts of things.  

Museum Rietberg Zurich, Gift of Alfreda Murck, Photo: Rainer Wolfsberger