Maak je druk t-shirt
27 July 2022

Workshop | Talking T-shirts with Kevin van Braak

What do you stand for? What are you against? 

In Our Colonial Inheritance you can see that creative resistance helps. You can make an impact too! Book a ticket and participate in the artist workshop with Kevin van Braak for inspiration.

Sunday 24 July and Wednesday 27 July  Time: 2 pm - 3.30 pm

How do you make your opinion clear at a stroke? 

With a T-shirt of course! Like a mobile discussion document, you spread your message. In Indonesia it’s very usual for artists to make T-shirts with a personal message. Kevin van Braak often visits his family there and has a lot of contact with local artists. He learns from them how they express themselves artistically, with printed symbols, text, and needle and thread. During these workshops you create your own T-shirt, with Kevin, about a subject you want to make a statement about.

About Kevin van Braak Kevin van Braak focuses on political and historical structures of power in his work. How can you recognize these in images and relations between people? Kevin makes performances, sculptures and installations, such as this MAKE A STATEMENT summer installation near the Our Colonial Inheritance exhibition here in the Great Hall of the Tropenmuseum.