3 August 2022

Workshop | Collage design with AiRich

Collage design with AiRich

In Our Colonial Inheritance you can see that creative resistance helps. You can make an impact too! Book a ticket and participate in the artist workshop with AiRich for inspiration.

Sunday 31 July and Wednesday 3 August Time: 2 pm - 3.30 pm

How do you tell a new story with different images?

Collages are an art form that create different layers of meaning by combining images. The result is a new story or comment on something that’s happened in the world. With AiRich you make your own splendid collage with newspaper cuttings, advertisements, textile and photos. Naturally with an extra layer about a subject you are enthusiastically engaged in. AiRich sketches a picture of the future with her work. One in which everyone can be part of in a healthy way. Her visual stories are very attractive and exciting. But make no mistake! With her work she wants to ensure that something really does change.

Over AiRich  AiRich from Amsterdam does portrait shoots. The power of black identity is a recurring theme in them. Elements from African history and the present pop culture come to the fore by combining past, present and future. Her work is a fusion of science fiction, surrealism, fantasy and psychedelic art. Follow her journey on instagram.