Max Kisman
24 August 2022

Workshop | Simplicity is complicated with Max Kisman

Simplicity is complicated

What do you stand for? What are you against? In Our Colonial Inheritance you can see that creative resistance helps. You can make an impact too! Book a ticket and participate in the artist workshop with Max Kisman for inspiration.

Sunday 21 August and Wednesday 24 August Time: 2 pm - 3.30 p

How do you make a simple image of something really quite complicated? In this workshop you learn how to simplify information while designing pictograms and graphic symbols. Use your powers of imagination during drawing exercises that form the basis for your thinking. Every step helps you to express yourself as powerfully as possible in your poster.

About Max Kisman

Max Kisman is a graphic designer, illustrator and autonomous artist. When you see his work, e.g. on huge world problems in the newspaper, it’s immediately recognizable. His designs have been known worldwide for a long time. Over the years Max Kisman has become more aware of the influence of his East Indies background on his work. As a teacher, he discovered his strength: conveying something complicated simply.

Max Kisman
Max Kisman