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View below what there is to see and do in Amsterdam and at our other locations: Wereldmuseum Leiden and Wereldmuseum Rotterdam. Our research institute RCMC (Research Center for Material Culture) organizes events at various locations.

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SARI/STATEMENT is an upcoming exhibition about the contemporary sari in India and its diaspora. Link
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Celebrate your birthday in Wereldmuseum Amsterdam

Is it your birthday soon? Have a children's party in the museum! Link
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exhibition Our Colonial Inheritance

The exhibition shows how colonialism shaped the world of today, and how people endured colonialism. Link
Things that matter
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exhibition Things That Matter

About objects of great personal significance, that are closely related to major social issues of today. Link
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exhibition What's the Story

About the colonial history of the museum, the world-famous collection and the architecture of the building. Link
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Guided tours

Want to know more? Book a guided tour. Link

How do you celebrate?

Visit the cheery family venue Festivities! Worldwide Link
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What does it mean to live in the present with the colonial past? Elia Nurvista, Max Kisman and Sabine Groenewegen were asked to respond to this question Link
Martial Arts
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Martial Arts

De tentoonstelling Martial Arts laat zien waarom mensen aan vechtsporten doen, met een combinatie van persoonlijke verhalen en maatschappelijke thema’s. Link
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The museum offers free museum entrance to newcomers and volunteers who coach them. Link
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Tag The Picture activity

Wereldmuseum Amsterdam has an extensive collection of historical photos from Indonesia. Link
Rondleiding ZieZo Marokko NGT
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Wereldmuseum Amsterdam and International Sign Language

The Wereldmuseum Amsterdam wants to be accessible to as many people as possible Link

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