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How do you celebrate?

Welcome to the party shop!

Our party shop is a cheery, family venue where you can find things from all over the world that are used in all kinds of different celebrations. Every day somewhere in the world, something is being celebrated. We don’t all share the same celebrations, but we all like a party. Take a look around in our party shop and discover celebrations you didn’t know existed. Do our music quiz, learn a festive dance or pick the best party outfit!

Party! Japanese Children's Day

Kodomi no Hi, Japanese Children's Day, is celebrated on May 5. On this special day for children, they celebrate their birthday, play games and read exciting stories to their parents. Get to know this special children's party during the May holidays!

Make your own koinobori – carp windsock

Parents decorate their homes with koi carp windsocks for Children's Day. These strong fish symbolize strength, they are so strong that they can even swim against the current! By hanging these waving fish flags as visibly as possible, an attempt is made to attract the attention of the gods. They can ensure that the children become as strong and brave as a koi carp. Get started in the Atelier and make your own colorful koinobori that you can hang at home!

Party shop/light hall | Saturday and Sunday. Every day during school holidays | Continuously from 12:00 - 16:00 | price: free | Guided activity | Until May 19

Maak zelf een koinobori – karperwindzak

Celebrate your birthday!

Is it your birthday and do you want to have a party for your friends in Wereldmuseum? Look at all the possibilities

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