Who has power here? 

The wage gap, sexual violence or choosing how you want to lead your life: when it comes to power, relationships are not equal. Political power has been male dominated for millennia. But in various places women are in control and prominent positions can be reserved for a third gender.  

The exhibition will ask you the question:

Who has power here?

High heels: power or lack of power? 

The exhibition shows a full range of high heels from different cultures and times. Europeans admired the high heels that kept the cavalry men of the powerful Persian army in their stirrups. The higher the heel, the more powerful and more masculine the wearer, Louis XIV thought. When this style icon fell out of favour, the heel disappeared from the wardrobe. High heels later acquired a feminine, sexy and worldly image. Feminists see the impractical, uncomfortable footwear as a means of suppression and medical experts point out the health risks.