Foto credit: Korea; The Pink and Blue Projects; JeongMee Yoon; 2006-2008  

How do you become a gender? 

Hurrah, a girl! Hurrah, a boy! This joyous cry often means far more than stating the sex of the baby.  

The exhibition will ask you the question:

How do you become a gender?  


Pink is for girls! This persistent, now worldwide idea has only existed since the mid-twentieth century. Before then, both men and women wore pink – from the eighteenth-century Parisian elite to Indian princes around 1900. After World War II a clear differentiation between men and women was deemed important for a society struggling to get back on its feet. Advertisements, for example for toys, contributed to this, particularly via the colour pink.  

The Pink and the blue project

With The Pink and Blue Projects photo series the Korean JeongMee Yoon researched how marketing campaigns spread the idea that pink is for girls and blue for boys.

Photo credit: Korea; The Pink and Blue Projects; JeongMee Yoon; 2006-2008