How ought you to behave? 

What do you look like? How do you walk, stand, talk, laugh and look around yourself? Are you tough or caring? In short, do you behave in a masculine or feminine way, neither of the two or a bit of both?  

The exhibition will ask you the question:

How ought you to behave?  

The break 

Two soldiers are standing, eating pots of yoghurt, during a break, relaxed to the point of boredom. In this photo montage, artist Nermine Hammam combines images of Egyptian solders during the Arab Spring with a blissful, touristy Alpine meadow landscape. Here Hammam is questioning ideas about masculinity.   

Photo credit: Egypt; The Break, from the Upekkha series; Nermine Hammam (1967); 2011 
Foto credit: Egypte; The Break, uit de serie Upekkha; Nermine Hammam (1967); 2011

The revenge of Kālī  

This print shows a goddess in one of her wild guises as Kālī. Although she can love and protect, she can also take revenge on those who dare to upset her. Kālī’s unplaited hair, scant clothing and unpredictability represent the opposite of ideal femininity. She shows that she is dangerous and powerful – qualities you are not supposed to have as a woman.   

Photo credit: India; Ravi Varma Press; 1900-1950 
Foto credit: India; Ravi Varma Press; 1900-1950