Campuhan Ridge Bali

Win a trip with Djoser to Bali, Java or Lombok


Visit the exhibition and win the chance of an unforgettable trip to Bali, Java or Lombok with travel operator Djoser.

How does it work?

It's simple! Fill in your information at the special booth in the museum. Then you have the chance to win an unforgettable trip for two people to Bali, Java or Lombok worth € 3390,-. This trip is part of a group trip. We will inform the winner by the telephone shortly after the end of the exhibition. You can take part of this contest during the period of the exhibition. This is till 10th of January 2021. 

Contest rules

Take a look at the contest conditions and join in!

Why have we opted to give away a free trip to Indonesia?

After visiting the exhibition and seeing the impact of tourism on the island’s way of life you may ask yourself what you’d do in the same circumstances and whether you’d opt to go abroad at all. As a museum that’s about people, we believe that gaining an insight into other cultures and experiencing other parts of the world broadens one’s horizons. We see that as citizenship of the world. Gaining an insight into how other people live and which universal truths we share with one another brings us closer together.  And special travel experiences contribute to that. 

People will always travel. We want to inspire you by showing you how it can be done differently. By making conscious decisions on how you travel, where you go and what you do when you get there. So, it’s not a case of discouraging you from seeing the world – far from it. How you do it is up to you. 

Together with travel operator Djoser we’re offering you the leeway to 1). decide for yourself which Indonesian destination you want to visit and 2). If you want to go to Bali, to visit some of the projects and people highlighted in this exhibition, such as the Soul Surf Project and artist-activist Made Bayak. What’s more, Djoser offers you the opportunity to offset your journey’s carbon emissions. And take a look at these tips for sustainable travel:

Six sustainability gadgets and tips for travellers

Travel will never become entirely sustainable. But these days you can do a lot to limit your climate footprint. By offsetting your carbon emissions, for example, or by using one of the following gadgets. Here are Djoser’s top tips:

  • Water bottle

Travelling outside Europe? Then it’s likely you can’t drink water from the tap. That’s why lots of people buy bottled water, but these days that’s really no longer necessary. Special water bottles made by Water-to-go, Lifestraw and others allow you to drink clean, safe and filtered water. What’s more it saves on trips to the supermarket!

  • Reusable straws

More than any other plastic, straws are the worst pollutants. Always use reusable straws when possible, such as straws made of bamboo or stainless steel. Attractive straws like these make your beach cocktail look even more stylish. Cheers!

  • Reusable coffee mug

Out and about at home you see them more and more: reusable coffee cups that you give to the barrista to top up. But on your travels abroad they’re just as handy!

  • Reusable shopping bag

In many countries shops automatically offer you a plastic bag with everything you buy – even when you might need it for just a couple of hours or minutes. What a waste! You can put a stop to that by taking along your own shopping bag and asking if your purchases can just be put in there. That will soon save on quite a few plastic bags. 

  • Coral-friendly suncream

It might never have occurred to you, but most skin creams to protect against the sun contain substances that are harmful to tropical corals. These creams come off in the water as you’re swimming and descend to the seabed or adhere to coral reefs. Their active ingredient oxybenzone is particularly harmful and the state of Hawaii has already banned their use. Luckily there is a range of alternative suncreams without these harmful ingredients that work just as well. You might like to try the Weleda, Lavera or Alphanova brands. 

  • Travel towel

If you’re stopping off at lots of hotels, you’ll be using lots of different towels. And they need to be washed even though they mightn’t even be soiled! As such a travel towel is a sustainable investment. The special fibres dry extra rapidly, enabling you to revel in a cosy dry towel every morning or evening without engendering unnecessary extra laundry.


Sustainable travel

Travel operator Djoser has been combining travel fun with sustainable tourism for over 30 years. But whichever way you look at it, travel makes its mark in the form of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide. That’s why Djoser offers you the option of compensating your carbon emissions, so that the carbon footprint of your journey can be made up somewhere else. Here’s how it works: 

When you book your trip, you can opt for a five-euro surcharge to offset the carbon emissions of your journey. That contribution is invested in the development of solar energy plants in Thailand, so that local households are no longer dependent on electricity from coal-fired plants. Because Thailand’s energy infrastructure is still under development, donations like these help to prevent the construction of new coal-fired plants. That way we’re not only curbing carbon emissions in the short term, but also ensuring that Thailand’s dependency on fossil fuels reduces long term.

Read more about Djoser and sustainability

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