Greenpeace Plastic Monster

Plastic Monster – Greenpeace

What can you do to tackle plastic waste? 

Banning single-use plastic is the most important. Try finding an alternative to products packaged in single-use plastic such as drinks in plastic bottles. You could think about buying a bottle that you fill yourself, so cutting down on single use plastic. 

Plastic Monster Campaign – Greenpeace

Environmental campaigners Greenpeace have recently launched a major initiative targeting producers of plastic such as Unilever and Nestlé. They’re doing this through the Plastic Monster campaign. Greenpeace is asking you to make your own plastic monster. Everyone uses plastic. This initiative is primarily geared to schools, but you can also get stuck in at home:

  • Create your own monster from plastic bags, trays and bottles.
  • Share your creation on social media and tag it Unilever
  • Use the hashtags #PlasticMonster and #BreakFreeFromPlastic

This campaign helps you to focus more attention on the production of unnecessary plastic

Looking for more information on the Greenpeace – Plastic Monster-campaign or would you like some more tips about cutting down on plastic use? Then go to the Greenpeace website.