Offerings, fruit and souvenirs

Bali’s markets

Markets are an inseparable part of life on Bali. And there’s barely a tourist who doesn’t visit the island’s most popular market, the Sukawati pasar in Ubud. 

From local market to tourist attraction


Balinese markets fall into two parts. There’s the market for fresh produce and household goods, and then there’s the section selling the various accoutrements for the daily offerings to the gods. 

Balinese locals visit the market at night and in the early morning. Tourists tend to visit later in the morning and in the evening, strolling by market stalls displaying textiles, wood carvings, bags and paintings in sear of souvenirs (oleh oleh) to take home. 

In the exhibition you can listen to the stories of a Balinese stallholder and his dilemma around plastic, watch the souvenir saleswoman at work and learn what you need to make a religious offering. 

Offerings and processions

Balinese go to the market to buy products they subsequently offer up to mollify the Hindu gods. As a tourist you’ll see these offerings everywhere, sacrificial baskets on the street, in restaurants, hotels, shops and cars. Each day they are assembled anew, careful arrangements of flowers, palm leaves, food and incense. Traffic comes to a halt as a procession goes by and as a tourist you can watch the special ritual. 


Offer processies Bali