Afrofuturism - Osborne Macharia
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This exhibition has ended

Exhibition Afrofuturism

Four artists present their views on the future of Africa.

In contrast to much of European and American popular science fiction, Afrofuturism is based largely on African science and a black perspective.


This exhibition has ended. It was on display in the Tropenmuseum until 26 August 2018.

Here, four top contemporary artists take you on a journey to their dreamed future. Video artist Bob Mũchiri Njenga transforms a boy from the slums into a messenger from the future. Photographer Samuel Fosso challenges us to reflect about a possible black pope. In his digital collages, Kadara Enyeasi transports personalities from classic African popular stories into the future in abstract spaces with geometrical forms. Finally, Osborne Macharia creates a society consisting of newly invented communities with their own futurist culture.

The imagination of all these artists is fed by a sense of frustration with the realities of today’s world.  Afrofuturism offers them an opportunity to escape reality and to show an alternative future which can inspire new generations.


The Tropenmuseum aims to present topical socially-relevant themes and to introduce visitors to cultural diversity around the world. Innovative perspectives of contemporary artists are a crucial aspect of this. So we are proud to present this collaboration with Africa’s photo biennale Rencontres de Bamako, organised by Musée national du Mali and Institut Français.

Afrotopia at the Afrika Museum

The biggest Pan-African photography exhibition, Afrotopia, is on display at the Afrika Museum (nearby Nijmegen) until 2 September 2018.


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