Fterlives of slavery, exposition, photography by Kirsten van Santen
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This exhibition has ended

Afterlives of Slavery

In Afterlives of Slavery visitors are confronted with today’s legacies of slavery and colonialism in the Netherlands. 

Slavery and the personal accounts of the enslaved form part of a common history shared by black and white – a past that continues to shape and influence Dutch society today.


This exhibition has ended. It was on display in the Tropenmuseum until 25 May 2021.

The exhibition places the enslaved and their descendants centre stage. To initiate a sometimes difficult but productive dialogue, the Tropenmuseum has sought out personal stories from past and present that bring the history of slavery and its current-day legacies up close. The objects on display from the Tropenmuseum’s collection – tangible relics of the history of slavery – serve to intensify the experience.

In collaboration with scientists, activists and artists, Afterlives of slavery developed a history of slavery: an exhibition with a discussion platform that places the stories of the enslaved and their descendants centre stage. 

"Tropenmuseum takes the lead in decolonization"

Ontwerp Heden van Slavernijverleden in New Exhibition Design 03

New Exhibition Design is een omvangrijke, internationale publicatie over hedendaags tentoonstellingsontwerp. Met een overzicht van ongeveer 10 jaar concepten en trends op het gebied van tentoonstellingsontwerpen wereldwijd. In de editie 03, die afgelopen september is uitgekomen, wordt aandacht besteed aan het ontwerp van Heden van het Slavernijverleden in het Tropenmuseum, van ontwerpbureau De Vrijer Van Dongen.

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Ontwerp heden van slavernij verleden

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Fterlives of slavery, exposition, photography by Kirsten van Santen
This exhibition has ended

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