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This exhibition has ended

Exhibition Body Art

The exhibition Body Art is back, by popular demand! Body Art is about body decorations in the broadest sense: from make-up and tattoos, to implants under the skin and surgical alterations.

Through the ages and across cultures. The key question is, why do people alter their bodies?


This exhibition has ended. It was on display in the Tropenmuseum until 26 August 2018.

Laatste kans: rondleiding op 26 augustus

Er zijn nog een aantal plekken vrij voor de laatste rondleiding door de tentoonstelling. De rondleider neemt je mee langs verschillende persoonlijke verhalen over lichaamsversiering.

Body decorations like tattoos, piercings and make-up are an everyday sight on our streets. The body, and in particular the skin, serves as a means by which we define or transform ourselves, and show who we are.

The exhibition features contemporary work by world-famous artist ORLAN and photographs by Krijn van Noordwijk, alongside personal accounts and leading items from our collection.

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