Klimaat, Kirsten van Santen

Is the climate changing your culture?

When sea levels rise

Climate change has a devastating impact: ice is melting in the Arctic while in the Pacific Ocean islands are sinking beneath the waves. How do you preserve your culture when your country is slowly disappearing?

This pavilion travels to the Marshall Islands to show the stories people tell their children and the objects they cherish. Activist and poet Kathy Jetnil-Kijner recorded a special soundscape for Things That Matter, telling us why the objects on show play such an important role in her culture and how that culture is poised to disappear forever. If sea levels rise any further, only these objects will remain behind as the last tangible remnants of a way of life.  The display invites visitors to reflect on climate change, sustainability and cultural heritage.

Beeld: Kirsten van Santen / Tropenmuseum