Nederlandse pelgrim Ferukh Ahmed met souvenir

The home-coming

The experience of Hajj is often a spiritual awakening which changes peoples’ lives. After Hajj, many pilgrims return home determined to live more faithfully by the principles of Islam than ever before. 

Hajji and Hajja

Pilgrims now have a new title: Hajji for men, Hajja for women. This is a mark of honour across the Muslim world, and some heads of state include it as part of their official titles. Hajjis come home to great celebrations. Family, friends and others congratulate them with the phrase ‘Hajj mabrour’, ‘may the pilgrimage be accepted by God’.

In Egypt and elsewhere the walls of pilgrims’ houses are decorated with images of the journey and of the sanctuary at Mecca. Many souvenirs are often bought in Mecca. As a tangible memory of the spiritual experience in Mecca, but also as a gift to family and friends.

Nederlandse pelgrim Ferukh met souvenir
Dutch pelgrim Ferukh with souvenir