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1. Fine silverware This set was commissioned by the king of Siam. It was used for sirih, a mixture of areca palm nut, lime and betel leaf. When you chew this it makes you feel good and it gives you energy. If you have too much spit in your mouth, you spit it into the round pot. The royal set is not only beautiful, all the different parts are there too.

Bangkok, Siam (now Thailand); 1880-1888; gilded silver; RV-413-1, -2, -3, -4


2. Products from Thailand The king of Siam’s gift showed things that his country produced. Can you see what they are?

Siam (now Thailand); 1880-1888; glass, wood, shark’s fin, salt, tobacco, rice, peas, pepper, edible bird’s nests, cardemom, sea cucumber, lotus seeds, mussels, areca palm nuts, Job’s tears, sesame seeds, resin, lukrabas seeds, gamboge, wood oil, potentilla seed; RV-413 7 t/m 12; 16a; -16c; -16d; - 18; - 21 t/m 24; -26, -27; -29 to 32; -34a; -36; -40


Tasty gifts The king of Siam gave things like birds’ nests that you can eat and sea cucumbers. These are special things people like to eat in Thailand and surrounding countries. Tell each other: have you ever got food as a present that you did or didn’t like to eat?