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Guided tours

Do you want to know more? Then go on a guided tour!

Various guided tours through the museum can be booked. View the options below. Would you like a tour on a different topic or through a specific exhibition? Let us know.

School groups

Wereldmuseum Amsterdam is a museum about world cultures. It lets you explore the most finest treasures and stories from around the world. We offer an extensive range of activities for primary and secondary school children. All prices include museum entrance.

Guided tour: A building full of stories

The Tropenmuseum is situated in one of the most beautiful original museum buildings in the Netherlands. During this guided tour you will hear stories about the history of the building and discover the many symbols and decorations that refer to the colonial past of the Netherlands.

For: Adults
Duration: 60 minutes
Costs: € 60,00 (weekdays) per 15 persons and € 75,00 (weekend) per 15 persons, excl. museum entrance.

opening tropenmuseum

Guided tour: Symbolism inside & outside

Discover the stories behind the many symbols and decorations. During this tour, you will not only discover the inside of the Tropenmuseum, but also the many symbols and decorations on the exterior of the building that refer to the colonial past of the Netherlands.

For: Adults
Duration: 90 minuten
Costs: € 75,00 (weekdays) per 15 persons and € 90,- (weekends) per 15 persons, excl. museum entrance.


Rondleiding op maat

Heb je een speciale gelegenheid en wil je iets bijzonders doen? Boek dan een rondleiding voor jouw eigen groep met onze ervaren rondleiders: dat kan door al onze vaste en tijdelijke tentoonstellingen. In het aanvraagformulier hieronder kun je je interesses aangeven.

Doelgroep: volwassenen
Duur: 60 minuten
Kosten: in overleg

rondleiding op maat aanvragen

Make a reservation

Reservations are required for all guided tours. Please contact us one month in advance, then there is a greater chance that we can organize it according to your wishes.

Make your reservation by email to or call 088 - 0042 840 (Monday to Friday: 10 am - 5 pm)

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