Tropenmuseum, tentoonstelling, Soulmade. Jasper Krabbe meets Tropenmuseum
This exhibition has ended

exhibition Soulmade

Jasper Krabbé meets Tropenmuseum

What happens when artist Jasper Krabbé immerses himself in the Tropenmuseum’s depositories and is given a free hand to make an exhibition? What does the Tropenmuseum’s collection look like through Krabbé’s eyes? And how does this unique encounter inspire him and museum visitors? Krabbé invites you to the exhibition in which he transforms the Tropenmuseum into his ideal house with influences from all corners of the globe.


This exhibition has ended. It was on display in the Tropenmuseum until 25 January 2015.

With around 1000 objects Krabbé creates nine ensembles with his own new work as the focal point. At first sight the objects seem to have nothing to do with each other but with Krabbé’s help you can see similarities. The objects and Krabbé thus become soulmates.

Visual artist Jasper Krabbé (1970) roamed around the Tropenmuseum’s depositories several times. Past the magic staffs from Sumatra, carnival costumes from Bolivia, hairdressers’ signboards from West Africa and cassava graters from Suriname. Moved by the wide diversity and vitality of the collection items, Krabbé made a selection based on intuition, recognition, colour, shape and material.

Jasper Krabbé and the Tropenmuseum are soulmates

Personal Story

In the exhibition Krabbé invites you into his ideal house. A house with nine rooms each with its own ensemble. You walk through the Hallway full of textiles and erotic prints from China, through the Smoking Room with smokers’ requisites and Indonesian portraits, and through the dark Bedroom with cupboards and Batak priest' books from Sumatra. In each room amazing new connections are made between artists, materials and shapes, and emotions and inspiration.