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Something for everyone

The person, family, or clan hosting the potlatch gives presents to everyone who comes, from woven baskets to works of art. And, of course, eulachon fish oil which is made within the host’s family or community. The guests are also given items like T-shirts and blankets which have the crests, symbols, of the clan or family hosting the potlatch. The hosts also give things like flour, sugar and coffee. These gifts are meant to help people in their everyday lives. Most excitingly, and if they are very good, kids will get a goodie bag with fun things like chocolate and candy.

3A Blankets: Haida; Vancouver, Canada; 2020; polyester

3B Potholders: Sarah Russ; Vancouver, Canada; 2021; cotton, polyester

3C Other objects: Netherlands; 2020; textiles, wood, plastic, stainless steel, cotton, polyester, porcelain, stoneware