What are personal presents?

QR - Cadeau Hoezo? #2

Film: Money and gold 

Pinar and Güney talk about the presents they got for their wedding.


1. Two veils in different colours 

The dress belongs to Pinar, and the suit is Güney’s. When a Turkish bride leaves her parents’ house she usually wears a red veil, or a red band around her waist. Dutch-Turkish brides sometimes do this too. The red stands for virginity. Pinar wore the red veil at the beginning of the day, and later she wore the white one.

Dress: Turkey; 2013; fabric, iron, paper; courtesy of Pinar & Güney

Suit: Netherlands; 2013; textile; courtesy of Pinar & Güney


2. Locked away safely 

Pinar received a jewellery set from Güney’s parents. Pinar and Güney also gave each other fine bracelets. Gold jewellery is stable in value, so Pinar and Güney are keeping it stored away safely, like a savings account.

Turkey; 2013; gold; courtesy of Pinar & Güney


3. You don’t need to tell everybody 

Some guests didn’t want to pin money on the ribbons, so they gave it in a closed envelope, which was put in this box. The bride and groom and their family recorded what everyone had given, so that if those guests get married later, they know how much to give them back.

Netherlands; 2013; wood, imitation leather, paper; courtesy of Pinar & Güney


4. A gift in return 

This is what Pinar and Güney gave to their guests to thank them for their gifts, and for coming to the party. They gave these gifts after the guests had congratulated them. There were sweets inside.

Netherlands; 2013; steel, plastic; courtesy of Pinar & Güney