onze koloniale erfenis
Permanent activity

Our Colonial Inheritance - education

Interactive programme about linking the past and present 

Discover where racism comes from and let the Change Makers inspire you

How does the past influence our lives? Where does racism come from? In Our colonial inheritance discover how the Netherlands’ colonial past still has an effect on your life and your classmates’ lives. Scan everyday products and discover more about their colonial history, build the Privilege Pyramid together and become aware of your own privileges. Discover where stereotypes and racism come from. Be inspired by the Change Makers and together think about how you can reduce discrimination, prejudice and inequality. 

Practical information

  • Who for: General Secondary Education, Vocational Secondary Education
  • Duration: 90 minutes 
  • Time frame: 9.15 am | 11 am | 1 pm  
  • Subject: History, world citizenship social studies
  • Theme: Colonial past, resistance, slavery, racism, stereotypes, diversity 
  • Price: €75 per 15 pupils