Permanent activity

Primary education | Surprise party

Festive programme for infants

A lively tour of the museum meeting lots of animals on the way

The animals and guests from around the world in the museum are giving a party for Kantjil the mouse deer. To find all the birthday party guests you go on a journey round the world. You look, search, sing, dance and fantasize. The programme ends with a fun party for all the animals, children and teachers. 

Practical information

  • Who for: Groups 1 and 2   
  • Duration: 60 minutes    
  • Time frame: 9.15 am | 11 am | 1 pm 
  • Theme: Party, stories, collecting, sorting 
    • Suitable for IPC: Festivities!  
  • Price: € 50 per 15 pupils

Preparatory teaching material (Dutch)