Permanent activity

Our colonial inheritance, programs

Interactive programme on the connection between past and present

Find out where racism comes from and be inspired by creative protest.

How does the past influence our lives? Where does racism come from? In the Our colonial inheritance exhibition you’ll find out how the Netherlands’ colonial past still affects your life and that of your classmates. Investigate the colonial history of everyday products, like a bag of crisps or a jar of peanut butter. You’ll hear the extraordinary stories of people who have made a stand against colonialism and slavery. Build the Privilege Pyramid together and become aware of your own privileges. Be inspired by people who have dedicated themselves in different ways to creating a better world. Which way suits you?

Practical information

Duration: 60 minutes
Time slot: 11.00 am or 13.15 pm
Subject (depending on the theme): religion, social studies, history, (global) citizenship, fine art
Price: € 50,- per 15 pupils (including museum entrance fee)