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Press media

Below you find our press media. Highres images are downloadable and free of rights, in case the museum name and context are mentioned.

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For the interactive in Gifts Unwrapped. Photo: Tropenmuseum.

Fragment from the room with the theme Home. The work on display is by Gladys Paulus and newly created for the exhibition. Photo: Rick Mandoeng

Lena Winterink photographs objects from NMVW's collection. Photo by Tropenmuseum

Zaalfoto Tentoonstelling Imprints; zaal Max Kisman; Wereldmuseum Amsterdam
Foto Rick Mandoeng

Seen through the lens of. Photo: Tropenmuseum

A shop owner in Afghanistan had this mass-produced plastic comb decorated in a local metalworking style in the late 1970s. RV-4955-230

Image Divas: Inspiration and immersion in Arab music and cinema
Photographer: Rick Mandoeng

Children in Sabi Suriname. Photo: Kirsten van Santen.

The Asante monarch from Ghana - the Asantehene - donated this solid gold pipe to King Willem I in 1837; before 1836, RV-360-5211

Kris van Puputan Klungkung. Foto NMVW.

Exhibition Gifts Unwrapped. Photo: Tropenmuseum.