Sabi Suriname mati's

Become a Sabi Suriname mati yourself

During the tour you’ll maybe end up in a ‘proberi’ under the guidance of the Sabi Suriname mati (mattie) team. If you visit us four times, you will become a Sabi Suriname mati yourself. 

The first time you visit Sabi Suriname you’ll be given a Sabi Suriname pass. The route number you’re taking is stamped on this. Children who come four times and do all 4 routes become a ‘Sabi Suriname mati’.

Then you’ll be given an invitation to work with the Sabi Suriname team in the World behind the Things. You’ll also be invited to a ‘krutu’ (meeting) to make plans together to spread more knowledge about Surinam and to pass on stories. If everyone approves the plan, we work out the details and implement it, with you as one of the active Sabi Suriname mati. 

There are two tours of Sabi Suriname: the Family Tour (for families with children from age 6) and the Junior Tour (for children age 6 -13).


What‘s there to do?


‘Wan no sabi kan tron wan sabi’ is a Surinamese saying that means: ‘Something you don’t know becomes something you do know.’ And that is precisely what happens in Sabi Suriname. You step into another world and get to know more about Surinam, the bond with the Netherlands, our shared colonial history and how Surinam connects with the world.

You follow one of the 4 routes and go exploring with a stick that makes the objects talk that you come across on the way. You visit the shop and buy the ingredients for a delicious Surinamese dish, sail by boat through the interior, hear extraordinary stories in Tori Oso, the story house, party in the festival street Fesa Strati and visit the dance and music studio. Objects everywhere tell you a story and give you an assignment.