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Step into another world!

Wereldmuseum Junior is the children's museum of the Wereldmuseum Amsterdam. A dynamic design makes the exhibition area a completely different world. The children are immersed in it. The subjects come to life and children take an active part in the exhibition. Everyone’s curiosity is aroused. You learn by doing.

Wereldmuseum Amsterdam

In recent years Wereldmuseum Amsterdam has moved away from its geographical organisational principle to adopt a thematic arrangement. The intention is to show the world in all its diversity, but also the similarities that connect people worldwide.

A part of this changing focus has been to rethink our role as public institution. What is the responsibility of public institutions, especially institutions that emerged as part of a colonial apparatus? It is important to recognize the challenges of past & present, how these are linked, and to take care to preserve the divergent memories for future generations.


“It is not only about looking at or listening to. It is about being part of.”

Wereldmuseum Junior | Sabi Surinam

Worldwide connections & cultural diversity are eminent themes in our new exhibition: Sabi Surinam, discover the world behind things. Surinam’s diversity, with ancestral roots in four continents, is a result of our shared colonial past. A past that lives in the present.

A Surinam woman said: “I am here, because you were there”. Behind those simple words lies a world to explain and understand.

The urge to share more knowledge about the colonial and slavery history is high. Knowledge that you hardly find in school curriculums and schoolbooks.


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“The Wereldmuseum Amsterdam Junior is a real experience!
All the senses are activated!”